Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sharing Real Life Career Starting Experiences

Dear Friends,

Myself SKU. And today, I got this opportunity to share my Real time and Real life Experiences with you all friends.

So, I’m a software engineer by trade, Oracle Apps DBA. I do front-end and back-end stuff; I am always  reading about the latest technologies on Oracle and others; and I’m always experienced the away at  something or other. And I blog.

Whenever I learn something new, or see something cool, I 
Firstly, it means that I end up understanding stuff that little bit better. 
I consolidate new concepts, transforming them from purely practical applications to something more  concrete. I can also learn from the people who end up leaving a comment, which is often. 

It’s also incredibly gratifying when people leave comments, thanking you for articulating something  which they struggled to understand before.

Secondly, I can show other people (and potential employers) that I’m passionate about learning,  developing and improving to myself and others also. This is incredibly valuable.

I started my Carrier at Bangalore. When I was struggling for job,I didn't get job, Even tried for BPO companies but I didn't get.

As every parents my parents also expecting job asap, But i was not having any answer to them and stopped to pickup the call. That situation was like hell for me. But it happens almost of us.I really don’t want that situation with any one of us.

At last I got a job in small company as sql, plsql and php developer.

One thing Remember, if you want anything, you have to do everything for that. And definitely, you will get it.

Believe me, I tried a lots for job full . I remember that days, when I was not able to sleep and eat properly because of tension, I didn't picked up the call of my parents. I cant explain that in words...

From that I learned better not to join a very small company, they will use you a lots, So be very careful in choosing a small companies. 

We joined a company either for learning or earning but at some places we didn't get anything. Only they will use us for their any type of work.
but we joined them for greedy of experiences , even that also don’t work in future. Now industries have changed.

This same thing happened with me, then I decided to resign company.

And I decided to learn Oracle technology, which I was inspired by my ex- company MD. 

Then I met one of my PG mate, he was not knowing any languages like C, C++, java, .Net etc... he was only knowing Oracle technology. And he was working in MNC. He described me about Oracle, he gave me many documents for oracle. And then I started to learn.

Later on I joined a consultancy for Oracle learning after quieting 1st job. I learned oracle database and application in 6 month. Then I worked next 6 month on project in very few salary. But I did that project because there was learning for me. Its true that company learned a lots from me :D.

After that I joined another company with a good salary and started my carrier as Oracle Apps DBA. After 1 year again I got new opportunity in Oracle company, which was my dream.

One thing remember, We all everyone require good adviser from experienced person. I’m telling this because when I was in college and joined a Training institutes, they told there is no carrier in DBAs in the market because almost companies have 1 or 2 DBAs. But it was not true.


If you don’t have any Dream other people will use you to complete their dream.

Nothing is Hard, Just you need to start and be positive. Never give up. I’m damn sure, you will achieve it. For any help, please contact us or put your ideas in comments.

Thank you Every body for joining us, Please keep in touch and like us for real time and real life experiences. And also join with us to share your real time/life experiences which useful and learning for everyone of us.


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I get down at Bangalore on 17th Aug 2012 and started looking for job.But same as everyone, I tried everywhere but didn't get anywhere. Even tried for 24/7 BPO and others where I was rejected and some of my friends was selected. You can imagine my feeling at that situation. Its happens with almost of us as per my experiences.
And as every parents, my parents also wish to listen at every evening that I got job, but how can I explain them that its not so easy. Even for some times I ignore their calls because I was not having words to tell or say them...

Something which started for my expenses and turned out to be the biggest life changing experience for me. In the last Four years, I become Oracle DBA,more than just a what I expected.It has made a positive impact on me.

This blog’s is not just for making number of likes and subscribes. It’s for guiding and sharing true and real time experiences which will change the lives of many others who apply these techniques.
This community will help numerous individuals to become Star either in corporate or in real life .

This is done by becoming experienced independent first, and then experiencing the true meaning of life.
If you are new to carrier , don’t be worry just start your days from today. I’m sure, you can do or change anything by your hard work and smart work.

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  • How to clone oracle applications.
  • How to upgrade oracle database.
  • How to upgrade oracle applications.
  • Related all about oracle products and other new technologies many more.

  • As we all now how about our colleges, how tough to believe them.
    Once they told us for about internship training from MNC company but when the training started they just called a local trainer. And for that they charged us heavily, later on they gave us just a color printout as training certificate card which was not a useful at all.
    This was one of the most bad experiences from college.

    When I’m not on my computer, I love to play games and watching movies.
    But also to keep myself fit in this busy world, I love to meditate & exercise(gym).

    So yeah, that’s all about me.
    I’ll leave you with this moment of relative seriousness:

    When I first started my carrier as sql, plsql and php developer, I became very happy that I got job as
    everyone. But later on I was not happy with work and growth.
    So,later on I resign my Job for learning oracle. I had no idea how it was going to be. I just did it  because I loved it! and today I’m working in ORACLE as oracle apps dba.

    I felt as like me,many are there who needs some guidance and support in their life.
    So started to share my real time and real life experiences, because I believe in sharing.

    I love and believe in simplicity, hard work and smart work.

    Summing It Up: ORA-DATA

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Oracle session details and query to find out details

Hi Friends,

Many times we all faced issues like blocking session, High Temp usage and etc. which is related to session.

As we all knowing that every login requires a session. It specifies the maximum number of the sessions that can be created in the system. 
Actually, this parameter determines the maximum number of concurrent users in the system.
It can set this parameter explicitly by to a value almost closed to our maximum number of the concurrent users plus the number of background processes and approx 10% of the recursive sessions.

By default value for this parameter is as its minimum and values between 1 and the default do no trigger error. But always remember oracle ignores them and uses the default instead.

Always remember that the default values of ENQUEUE_RESOURCES and TRANSACTIONS parameters are also derived from SESSIONS. Therefore, if you increase the value of SESSIONS , you also should consider whether to adjust the values of above two parameters ENQUEUE_RESOURCES and TRANSACTIONS.
This sql query displays information about a session.
For this query, we should have SID number available.

column sid                                format 9999
column serial                             format 99999
column osuser   HEADING 'O/S|Username'    FORMAT a9
column username HEADING 'Oracle|Username' FORMAT a9
column program                            FORMAT a20

SELECT sid, serial#, osuser, username, status, logon_time, program
FROM v$session
WHERE sid like '&SID'

And some times, if the session is INACTIVE form session, we can kill the session.
In case of Active or Inactive Toad connections , SQL/PLSQL session can be killed but remember always if you are working on production, we must should follow some points like:
1. we should collect the details related to that particular session.
2. Inform the concern team.
3. Get approval.
4. Now you are ready to kill the session.

A session can be killed by below command:


But in RAC, its is different because in RAC servers we use gv$session. And to kill the session we should use below command:

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION 'sid,serial#,@inst_id';

If you want to kill the session Immediate because as we know this kill command will asks session to kill itself. But in any situation if you want to kill immediately, So better to use IMMEDIATE clause as shown below command.


Also from this below session query, we can get the information about the sessions.

It will ask for some values which can be escape if you are not knowing and hit enter.

Select ' Sid, Serial#, Aud sid : '|| s.sid||' , '||s.serial#||' , '||

       s.audsid||chr(10)|| '     DB User / OS User : '||s.username||

       '   /   '||s.osuser||chr(10)|| '    Machine - Terminal : '||

       s.machine||'  -  '|| s.terminal||chr(10)||
       '        OS Process Ids : '||
       s.process||' (Client)  '||p.spid||' (Server)'|| chr(10)||
       '   Client Program Name : '||s.program "Session Info"
  from v$process p,v$session s
 where p.addr = s.paddr
   and s.sid = nvl('&SID',s.sid)
   and nvl(s.terminal,' ') = nvl('&Terminal',nvl(s.terminal,' '))
   and s.process = nvl('&Process',s.process)
   and p.spid = nvl('&spid',p.spid)
   and s.username = nvl('&username',s.username)
   and nvl(s.osuser,' ') = nvl('&OSUser',nvl(s.osuser,' '))
   and nvl(s.machine,' ') = nvl('&machine',nvl(s.machine,' '))
   and nvl('&SID',nvl('&TERMINAL',nvl('&PROCESS',nvl('&SPID',nvl('&USERNAME',
       nvl('&OSUSER',nvl('&MACHINE','NO VALUES'))))))) <> 'NO VALUES'
Hope you learned something new here. Please let us know for any concerns or suggestions either in comment box or Contact US. Remember we loved to listen from you.

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