Friday, 24 February 2017


After graduations all of us want to get the job. And the first job after graduation is very important for everyone. But the problem is how will get job, which I have already posted my experiences in my previous post.

As we all know today’s market competition and challenges. If a person wants to do something or anything in life he should clear about some points.

Every person should know and understand their career options and their goals, without any goal a person cannot achieve their target or anything. If he/she achieved also there will not be any meaning of that.

Career planning some important points:

1. Desire/Interest

2. Goal/Aim

3. Plan for achieve/success goal

4. Plan for unexpected or unsuccessful result also

If a person is clear about these above points, I am sure a person can achieve their goal or anything in life easily.

Here, Desire means what you want to do and what you can do without tiredness?
Just ask yourself that what work you can do without stop?

I mean to say without stopping and without tiredness that the work which you can do without watching time, without calculating time. You can give time as much as possible for that work and you will enjoy your work.

If you really ask me, I can work on laptop without any tiredness, without watching or calculating any time, but internet should also available heheh, just kidding but it’s also true I can work on laptop for long time with interest.

Next is GOAL:
After understanding your talent or desire, you should set your Aim or Goal otherwise you will not be clear what to do and when to do.

Next is Plan:
After understanding the Goal, you must need to plan for it that how can you reached to your aim or goal. Something likes per day/daily/weekly/monthly what should you have to do and how you will do. Because after planning your view will be very clear that what you have to do now and next days, otherwise you will be always confused as what to do? So, for clear aim/goal you should be clear with your plan.

Next is what if we got an unexpected result or failed. We should always be ready for unexpected result or failure result also. May be in listening it feels bad but it is true and we should be aware about this. It’s not like that once we get failure, we should sit and cry or think about that only ohhhh!! I got failed. Be prepared and confident for both either positive or negative result. We always should move to next.

Be Positive and Think Positive. One thing I would like to share here, some people think that only thinking positive will do everything positive but Friends it’s not true as per my experiences.

If you ask me True points are:  Be Positive, Think Positive and Do positive. Friends, If I am not wrong I can prove it because only thinking positive is not enough, you have to do work or action in that direction also.

Note: Never feel as you are FAILED, it will teach you a new experience that you will not pass in that way.

If once you are clear about above points, I am sure you are ready to do whatever you want to do and achieve in life. After these points you yourself will feel confident.

One more thing as per my real life and real time experiences tell you that thinking and working/doing both are different. Always be ready for challenges. When you do anything you will face problem but I am damn sure, you will get solution or answer also.

Hope these real life and real time experiences will help you to choose your career and you will achieve you aim and help you in move forward also.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017


Hi Friends,
Multinode installation concept is very important which we should know it. But many times we got confused. Every time we read documents but after some time either we forget or got confused.

Many fresher asked me about this and I always told them to read documents which is not clear to them. Then at last I found a clear picture to describe them like this below which is from my real time experiences.
There are 3 cases can be found to install multinode, which I am going to describe below here:


Node-1:  Database Server                                  Node-2: Application Server

       Edit Services                                                                 Edit Services

Disable all                                                                 Enable All

Add Server -2.                                                 Give path of Configuration file



Please find the below screens shot for more details. I have given below important screens shots to clear the described theories. If anyone need some more screens shot for installation, please let us know we can send it to their personal id or in comments.

In above description Case-1, there are 2 nodes in which on 1st node is Database Server and 2nd Node is Application Server.

So, here during installation time we have to keep some points in our mind such as:

For database Server: Click on Edit Services and disable all.

And then Click on Add Server and put 2 because we are going to Install 2 node as mentioned above.

For Application Server: Click on Edit Service and Enable all.

And another thing either give configuration file path through Browsing or type 

your hostname:SID:portno 


Node-1: DB Tier and CM Process      Node-2: Apps Tier (Form & Web Services)

Batch Processing--> ENABLE                      Batch Processing--> DISABLE

Remaining--> DISABLE                                Remaining--> ENABLE

Add Server – 2. 

In case-2, here DB (database) and CM (Concurrent process) are on 1st node and Apps Tier (Forms and Web Services) are on 2nd Node.

In this case, on Node-1: Enable on batch Processing and disable all other services.

Then here also Add Node as 2.

On Node-2: As shown above Batch Processing should be Disable and other all services should be Enabled.


Node-1: DB Tier           Node-2: CM Processing Tier                   Node-3: Apps Form Tier

Edit Services                  Batch Processing-->ENABLE            Batch Processing-->DISABLE

  -Disable All                    Remaining--> DISABLE                           Remaining--> ENABLE

Add Server – 3.

In above Case-3: There are 3 Nodes.

On Node-1: DB Tier, in this clicks on Edit Services and Disable all services.

Node-2: CM processing Tier, in this click on Edit Services and Enable Batch Processing and then disable all other process.

Node-3: Apps Form Tier, in this Batch processing should be Disabled and other services should be Enabled.

Hope this will be very clear and easy steps to remember for Multinode Installation steps and concept. I tried to explain this in easy steps in picture format.

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