Thursday, 25 May 2017

Oracle forms opening slowly troubleshooting

Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well in life as well as in oracle apps also. Hhhh… :P

We are back again with some issues and solutions. Actually one of my friends asked me regarding performance tuning if forms are opening slow.

That time I gave him some ideas and promised him that I will back very soon with some more information. There are lots of factors which may impact the applications but there are some work around which can helpful fixed the issues.

One more thing I would like to tell, friends I shared my knowledge’s as per my real time experiences and real life experiences. So, there is not like just copying and pasting the stuff. As already I have shared my real life time stories which I have learned from my life.

So, let’s start now. Suppose, our forms are opening slow then what things we should be check and how to debug it. I will try to explain here and share my knowledge. I am sure; it will be useful because it’s having been experienced.

1. We should check which forms are opening slowly either any particular form or all forms.

2. If all forms are opening slowly for particular machine then clear the cache and try again. It can be machine speed slow, machine hardware and bandwidth speed.

If all forms are opening slow and for all machine then we really need to check below things such as:

A. Check whether Trace is enabled or disabled and if it is enabled then kindly disabled it.

B. Check the top commands if any resources are consuming high CPU usage.

C. Check for all InactiveSessions if it’s there then kill those sessions.

D. Check for deadlocks.

E. Every user should close the forms and logout properly.

But actually we don’t care. We just close windows tab at a time and left for break :D :P but that’s also impact our EBS internally.

F. A programmer if ran any program with infinite loops then this also cause a performance issue.

That’s why we need to write any program carefully. If program not properly then it may cause deadlock as also which I have explained it in my previous posts.

G. It can also be because of increasing the number of users. Also need to check users have one active session.

H. Check for the Performance Pack (Native I/O) is turned on for WLS.

And most and always we use this method.

If the users have issue for any custom forms then we should follow below steps which are easy and very effective.

When he run the program that time you should follow below steps:

1. Enable the Trace file.

Login to front-end -> Help -> Diagnostics -> Trace -> "Trace with Binds and waits” .

Then there will be a trace file generate under below patch:

$cd $ORACLE_HOME/admin/<$CONTEXT_NAME>/udump

Now you can run either Trace Analyzer or tkprof as shown below commands:

Trace Analyzer command:

[ora-data]$sqlplus apps/apps_password

SQL> START TRCANLZR.sql UDUMP ora-data_ora1919.trc;

TKPROF command:

[ora-data]$cd $ORACLE_HOME/admin/<$CONTEXT_NAME>/udump

$tkprof ora-data_ora_1919.trc ora-data_ora_1919.txt explain=apps/apps_pwd

Hope this may useful and helpful. We will come back again with new troubleshooting and solution as what we should do if forms opening slow after increasing the number of session.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

PRVF-0002: could not retrieve local node name

Dear Friends,

Today, I have come back with some issue and solution which may useful and helpful for those people who are learning oracle.

Many people ask about issue and solution regarding Installation, Patching, Cloning, Upgrade etc… So, I thought let’s start the issue and solution which I have faced in my real time experiences.

I promise you people very soon we will be back with some database patching common issues and solutions. So, let’s start for todays.

We can face this issue during the installation of oracle12c database. Actually, recently while I was installing latest 12c oracle database, I got this below error.

PRVF-0002: could not retrieve local node name

You can see it in below screen shot.

Firstly, I though as what is this new error as which I never faced in installing the oracle database either in 11g or 12c database.

For kind information, I was installing 4th time but during the 4th time I got this error. So, I though may be it will be useful here for others also.

It’s a very easy solution but if the people not knowing a simple thing also it is very hard to fix it.

By Default:


#cat /etc/hosts localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1           localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6

Make Changes as shown below:

#cat /etc/hosts   ora-data-linux ora-data-linux.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1           localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6

As we observe in above solution, we just check the hostname which was not included in /etc/hosts file.

It is very simple but if not knowing or never faced it, then it will be time wasted and mind stuffy. :D means bina matlab ka dimag kharab karega :P

Here, I would like share one more issue which I found during same time. It may helpful for the people who is installing fresh oracledatabase 12c.

Especially for freshers or beginning learners, it will be very useful to fix or learning troubleshooting errors:

Please find the below screen shot:

See, here during installation of oracle database 12c, 
if in “Prerequisite Check” tab getting an error such as 
Hard Limit:maximum open file descriptors” as FAILED 
then Click on button “Fix & Check Again” you will get a pop up as shown above screen shot.

Just need to follow the steps as shown above screen shot as:

1. Login as ROOT

2.  Run the script as

/tmp/CVU_122. << this name will be changed as per your installation

3. Then Click on “Fix & check Again”. It will be fixed.

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