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R12.2 Patching cycle Questions and Answers

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Please find the below some new Questions and Answers for new and latest 
Technologies Oracle R12.2 Patching cycle. And I have given some more
questions and answers in my previous posts also. 

Question: Is patch rollback planned for Oracle E-Business Suite in the context of
Online Patching? 
Answer: Not in 12.2. It will be considered in future releases.

Question: Does the adop utility supports silent mode? 
Answer: Yes, the adop utility can be executed in silent mode. Keep in mind that
if you automate the whole process you'll have to consider the downtime of the 
cutover phase.  

Question: What are the space requirements for Online Patching?  
Answer: On the database, the space requirement will be relative to the amount
 of code and data modified by the patch. For a major upgrade: complete new copy 
 of code: about 25GB  , complete new copy of seed data: about 5GB ,some new 
 columns in transaction tables: depends on amount of schema change 
 On the application tier: Secondary File System: about 32GB  

 Question: How do I apply or patch my customization's in Online Patching?
 Answer: You should re-apply your customizations to the patch-edition during 
 the apply phase of the patching cycleBecause this happens prior to the 
 cutover phase your changes will be promoted to the new Run Edition along 
 with  all the fixes in the patches applied during the patching cycle. 

 Question: Is the shared APPL_TOP configuration supported with 
 Online Patching?
AnswerYes, the shared APPL_TOP configuration is supported and 
recommended  for multi-node middle tier implementations.  

Question: Will there be a mechanism to communicate with users 
about downtime during cutover?
Answer:  Yes, we'll rely on the Oracle Applications Manager Downtime 
Planning feature that allows you to publish alerts to your end users about 
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