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Oracle DBA Troubleshooting Tips and Guide

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Oracle DBA troubleshooting is very important and advance for DBA’s life. We all should know and understand the troubleshooting ways. Here we have some points and the ways which can be helpful in troubleshooting.

One thing I would like to share here that troubleshooting is not a rocket science but people make it like a rocket science hehehh. Even if rocket science also we can do it friends.

Friends, please just try once and follows these below points. I am sure it will be very useful. There are many more points technical but I tried to explain in very simple ways to kick start.

As per my experiences I have seen some people feel as troubleshooting is either hard or they afraid.


1. You feel as you can’t do it even without any try. Already they have mindset.

2. You think it will take time but it takes time for everyone.

You know one SECRET, no one know everything, even seniors also check in metalink or google. Only one thing is different i.e. Observations as per experiences. Otherwise everything is same. Whatever we/they do, you can also do.

3. You afraid about mistakes but we need to try on test server which everyone does it.

Never give up. Today if you try for 1 hr and got solution, tomorrow you will be king of it. If you do not get solution in 1 hr, take it as challenge and try till get the solution. Every one learns like this only.


1. You must Read error carefully.

2. Must check alert logs accordingly.

3. Check for related error either in Metalink or Google.

4. Understand or observe the error 100%. Do not be hurry in investigations.

After checking Metalink or Google, never do hurry to execute solution. First understand the solution 100% thoroughly. Check what is required in the given solution.

Some Important Suggestions:

For Example: Suppose, there is given any “rm” command in solution. As per my DBA experiences never ever use “rm or rm –rf” command. If required check 7 times before using this command.

Actually I forget this command; I don’t know “rm or rm-rf” command hehehh.
If it is very necessary, then take the backup of file and then remove.

Before executing solution check for any SQL DDL command or any other SQL SCRIPTS statements which can impact like DDL or any Transactional etc…

And if you are not sure then check on test servers and check with your seniors.

I guarantee that just follow these simple above steps. You will see yourself changes. If any more suggestions, I will keep update here.

And also if you have any more points please let us know which will be helpful for all of us.

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